Do you want a 6 figure Formula? Here it is…

The online world is busy and buzzing, but how can you set your business up for success?
The biggest mistake businesses make is FOLLOW UP… or lack of FOLLOW UP. After a customer purchases a product … do you follow up with them more than once?

The online world gives you an advantage to STAND OUT with your customer service and building your customer relationships.

Our POWER SESSION is with Catherine Langman a Productpreneur and Business Coach for E-commerce Businesses was brilliant. Catherine shares with us her 6 Figure Formula that has transformed her clients. Not many coaches like to give their formulas away for FREE….so this is GOLD.


Catherine covers her 5 Steps part of her 6 Figure Formula:

1.    Finding your Tribe

2.    Become a Customer Magnet

3.    Follow Up Email Campaign

4.    Let your subscribers hear from you

5.    Automate


All 5 steps are absolutly relevent for all online businesses. Follow it step by step and you wont get stuck!

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