Smart Scheduling – Taking Action in 2017!

So last week on the blog we talked about How to increase your profits by outsourcing and automating (if you missed it – click here) so this week I wanted to talk about smart scheduling and taking action to reach your goals in 2017!

I know how overwhelming it can be when you set these huge goals for your business and then you get stuck thinking – Oh my gosh, I don’t know where I am going to start! So this is where smart scheduling comes into it.

Smart Scheduling is where you look at your projects and tasks you have and work out your priorities and what is actually achievable in the time you have.

Your task list for January may look something like this:

  • Create your sales funnel/campaign
  • Work out your marketing plan
  • Create your social media
  • Schedule out your content
  • Write your blog posts
  • Book one on one consults
  • Sell your products / services
  • Participate in groups

Looking at that list it might start to get you anxious, paralyse you and stop you from taking action. So what you are going to do is first look at items that need to be done on a daily or weekly basis and chunk these together. Creating your ideal week! Once you create your ideal week working in time chunks really allows you to get focussed and sprint through your work.

So your weekly plan might look something like this:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Write out your marketing plan for the month, what you are going to focus on, what do you want to achieve Client work & client consults Write 2 blog posts and schedule out to blog & to subscriber list. Client Work Client Work
Afternoon Write out social media for the week & design images and schedule Time with children Client Work & consults Time with children Sales Funnel

Spend 30mins participating in Facebook groups

Evening Spend 30mins participating in Facebook groups Spend 30mins participating in Facebook groups Spend 30mins participating in Facebook groups Spend 30mins participating in Facebook groups Time Off


Writing out the tasks you need to achieve in a realistic schedule will stop you from being overwhelmed in your business.

There are a couple of apps that can help you stay focussed when you are working, the first that I love is Kill the Newsfeed! This app as the name suggests, blocks your Facebook newsfeed. So then when you need to reply to messages or check your notifications for your business, you don’t get stuck wasting hours of time mindlessly scrolling through your newsfeed.

The 2nd app I love is Pomodoro Egg Timer – this app works on the pomodoro technique and sets a timer on your desktop for 25minutes, so that you focus for that time and get your work completed. It will alarm when the time is up and give you a 5minute break. You can then repeat the process, you can also set your own time sprints as well.

Create a smart schedule that works for your business and life so you can take consistent action towards your goals.

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