Release the Mummy Guilt

When going back to work, well starting my first business Mansell Taylor Consulting I struggled with Mummy Guilt. My daughter was 4 months old when I set up the business and I had not thought about how much energy and time is was going to take, especially being in a client facing role. Every time I left her to go to meetings, which could take anywhere from 2- 4 hours it was heart-breaking. I would second guess myself all the time.

These were my exact thoughts:

“ should I really be doing this? I am meant to be a mom, does that mean I should be with her all day”

“what if she needs me and I am not there”

“what happens if something happens to her, not being in my care”

“ is it best to work while she is little and then take time off when she is at school”


I am not sure if you have had any of these thoughts, but it is hard, well I found it hard. Now 3.5 years later and child number 2, its easier and I am certain about the choices I make.

For this reason I thought it would be great to have an expert in MUMMY GUILT on the Power Session Show:

JUMP IN and see what tips KIM STONE from Undercover Mum can give us to release the MUMMY GUILT pressure.


These 3 Tips will hopefully help you with some peace of mind. I know I need to constantly work at it.

Kim helps business mums redefine their own success. What does this do? Ensure you can focus your time and energy on what matters most to you.  You will experience a deeper meaning, purpose and fulfillment in the workplace and at home.

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Motivated Mummy Entrepreneurship, supporting mums in business, growing businesses and leading from the front.

Come and join us:

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