Raising your Vibration

Starting our day motivated, positive and high energy will definitely increase our productivity levels. But how can we start our day off like this every day??  There are so many different scenarios we wake up to e.g not having a full nights sleep due to the munchkins or not having made the sale you were relying on .

What are our options? We can Raise Our Vibration to increase confidence. When we feel confident  you can tackle any challenge, we are clear minded and focused.

Rebecca Grainger a Life Coach, Career Mentor and Energy Healer focuses on 3 core areas with her clients to Raise their Vibration. The steps can help us attract want we want in life and welcome opportunities.

The 3 core steps we can do daily:

  • Gratitude
  • Setting your intention daily
  • Visualisation (Have your end Goal in mind, be clear)


I know starting the day on the right foot gives me the confidence to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone, so I can keep moving my businesses forward.

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Rebecca is a truly a Mama Goddess!

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