Mum Entrepreneur products in the Oscar Bags?

This Mum Entrepreneur business is tough but it is so important to celebrate success, our own success but also those mums around us.  Everyone success is different, it set by what you want for you and your business. We all know that it is hard work and there will be sacrifices to be made along the way. Its important to keep checking in with yourself, making sure you are alright, you are taking care of yourself and that you are in the right frame of mind.

Our Power Session is with an Aussie mum who changed careers, developed a product and got her products in the Oscars Bag 2 weeks after launch!!! Shooting for the stars!!

Greer Quinn the Founder of Hot Tresses and Director of Forward Communications, shares her story of how she came up with the Hot Tresses idea and her journey as a mum entrepreneur. Greer is such an amazing women, such grace and passion.


Greer’s major piece of advice is : Recognize the talent you have! Self value is so important.

TIP from me: Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Greer started her business as we all have. She has been persistent, determined and not lost sight of her dream.  She is still juggling family and business life… will the juggle ever stop, I am not sure it will.

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