Why has Facebook invested in video?

Facebook being one of the largest social media platforms introduced Facebook Live …….. and clearly it has been a hit! Why has Facebook invested in video??

ENGAGEMENT! With so many businesses online customers need a quick way to consume content and businesses need a fast medium to get their product out to the world. The online world allows you to get your Products or Services in front of your target audience on a global scale. But really what sells…. PEOPLE, Personality and Story Telling.

Video is a great way to actually get your customer to know who you are are what your story is and an easy way to build engagement online.

Top Tips for Creating a video:

  • Address an objective
  • Focus on one point
  • High energy
  • Clear and concise

Just to confirm Facebook’s investment, they own Instagram and recently introduced Insta-story and that is going gangbusters.

Other platforms that are video based:

  • Google
  • Snap-chat
  • Twitter
  • Periscope
  • Blab

All these platforms cant be wrong. Is the way of the business world moving more and more towards visual content? Just take a look at your social media account today and make your own decision.


If you are not using Video after this class you will be!

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