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Mum Entrepreneur products in the Oscar Bags?

This Mum Entrepreneur business is tough but it is so important to celebrate success, our own success but also those mums around us.  Everyone success is different, it set by what you want for you and your business. We all know that it is hard work and there will be sacrifices to be made along the way. Its important to keep checking in with yourself, making sure you are alright, you are taking care of yourself and that you are in the right frame of mind.

Our Power Session is with an Aussie mum who changed careers, developed a product and got her products in the Oscars Bag 2 weeks after launch!!! Shooting for the stars!!

Greer Quinn the Founder of Hot Tresses and Director of Forward Communications, shares her story of how she came up with the Hot Tresses idea and her journey as a mum entrepreneur. Greer is such an amazing women, such grace and passion.


Greer’s major piece of advice is : Recognize the talent you have! Self value is so important.

TIP from me: Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Greer started her business as we all have. She has been persistent, determined and not lost sight of her dream.  She is still juggling family and business life… will the juggle ever stop, I am not sure it will.

To connect with Greer and see these amazing products going global: CLICK HERE

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5 Steps to planning an amazing 2017!

Can you believe we are coming to the end of 2016? This year has just flown by!

You maybe thinking about christmas and your upcoming summer holiday, but did you know this is the perfect time to plan for an amazing 2017?!


Today I want to share with you the 5 steps you can do now to prepare you for the new year!

Grab a cuppa, your favourite journal or notebook and let’s get started!

Step 1 – Let’s review this year!

You maybe thinking, but wait Claire, we’re meant to be planning for next year?! Well doing a review of what you have achieved this year is a really great start!

Answer the following questions:

  • What did you achieve?
  • What was your business revenue?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What didn’t you achieve?

Reflect on these answers and give yourself a pat on the back! Chances are you have done so much more than you thought you did.

Now on to the next step….

Step 2 – Write down what your big dream goal is?

  • Do you want to work with 100 mums next year?
  • Do you want to make 100K in your business?
  • Do you want to only work 20 hours per week?

What is the big dream that you have – write this down.

Step 3 – What is your mission for your business?

  • Who do you want to help and why do you do what you do?

For example: You may want to help mums who are struggling with mummy guilt – get rid of this guilt so they can have a happy and healthy work life balance.

Look at the reasons, your big why in your business. Write this down. 🙂

Step 4 – What products or services do you want to offer next year?

  • Do you have packages? A membership site or e-products that you want to launch?

Write out your list of products and services. Include in your list what each package or product includes and the price point you want to sell it at.  Include the date you want to launch if it is a new product or service.

Step 5 –  What is your revenue goal?

  • Write down your monthly & yearly goal.
  • Now work out how many products or services you need to sell to reach this goal?
  • Write the number down.

For example: A target of $10k/month

You will need to sell 10 x $1k packages

Or 20 x $500 packages

Or 100 x $100 products

It is important to know your goals, so you can work out a plan to achieve them!

Now pop back next week as we will work on creating a marketing plan so you can achieve your goals!

Here’s to an amazing 2017!

Claire x

Release the Mummy Guilt

When going back to work, well starting my first business Mansell Taylor Consulting I struggled with Mummy Guilt. My daughter was 4 months old when I set up the business and I had not thought about how much energy and time is was going to take, especially being in a client facing role. Every time I left her to go to meetings, which could take anywhere from 2- 4 hours it was heart-breaking. I would second guess myself all the time.

These were my exact thoughts:

“ should I really be doing this? I am meant to be a mom, does that mean I should be with her all day”

“what if she needs me and I am not there”

“what happens if something happens to her, not being in my care”

“ is it best to work while she is little and then take time off when she is at school”


I am not sure if you have had any of these thoughts, but it is hard, well I found it hard. Now 3.5 years later and child number 2, its easier and I am certain about the choices I make.

For this reason I thought it would be great to have an expert in MUMMY GUILT on the Power Session Show:

JUMP IN and see what tips KIM STONE from Undercover Mum can give us to release the MUMMY GUILT pressure.


These 3 Tips will hopefully help you with some peace of mind. I know I need to constantly work at it.

Kim helps business mums redefine their own success. What does this do? Ensure you can focus your time and energy on what matters most to you.  You will experience a deeper meaning, purpose and fulfillment in the workplace and at home.

To get in contact with Kim at

Motivated Mummy Entrepreneurship, supporting mums in business, growing businesses and leading from the front.

Come and join us:

YOUTUBE: Mum vs. Entrepreneur VLOG

Health & Business

What has Health got to do with Business??  I caught up with Loudy Wiggins who has competed in four Olympic Games, 4 World Championships, 3 Commonwealth Games and holds over 15 National Titles. You might have seen Loudy presenting in RIO (Olympics this year) as part of the Channel 7 team…. Yes, I was a little star struck. She is a highly motivated MUMPRENEUR!

On retiring, Loudy gained her qualifications as Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Wellness Coach.  As a mum of two, she has an holistic approach to personal training and wellness. She lives and breathes all things health and fitness and strives to be a positive advocate and role model in the industry.

So what does Health have to do with Business?? Everything!!! Loudy gives us some tips as mums running businesses. WATCH NOW

Jump in and check out Loudy’s Mind Body Blitz Challenge: CLICK HERE

Focusing on healthy lifestyle …. makes a clear mind, healthy body and happy mum! So often we put ourselves last on the “what is important list”, when really we should be number ONE.

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Raising your Vibration

Starting our day motivated, positive and high energy will definitely increase our productivity levels. But how can we start our day off like this every day??  There are so many different scenarios we wake up to e.g not having a full nights sleep due to the munchkins or not having made the sale you were relying on .

What are our options? We can Raise Our Vibration to increase confidence. When we feel confident  you can tackle any challenge, we are clear minded and focused.

Rebecca Grainger a Life Coach, Career Mentor and Energy Healer focuses on 3 core areas with her clients to Raise their Vibration. The steps can help us attract want we want in life and welcome opportunities.

The 3 core steps we can do daily:

  • Gratitude
  • Setting your intention daily
  • Visualisation (Have your end Goal in mind, be clear)


I know starting the day on the right foot gives me the confidence to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone, so I can keep moving my businesses forward.

Get in contact with Rebecca Grainger HERE

Rebecca is a truly a Mama Goddess!

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Do it Your Way

I am sure you have been in a position, or are in the position now where you are doing so much and getting little return. You are doing everything the experts tell you, but its not working, whats wrong?

This is what you have probably heard:

  • Your social media should only be business information
  • You need to be all in or it won’t work (100% of the time)
  • You need to get up at 4:00 am and finish at 11:00 pm if you are serious
  • You need to be on call for all your clients/customers
  • You must be posting 20 times a day on social media
  • You must be sending at least 2 newsletters a week

So I just want to back up here a little bit….. WHY DID YOU START YOUR BUSINESS???

  • To be stressed out
  • To spend money you don’t have on advertising, promos and products
  • To become less passionate about your business
  • To see your family less
  • To become a soulless worker

Absolutely NO WAY!

It’s great to listen to what the experts say as they have made it already and know what they are talking about, BUT you are not them. You are a mum and FAMILY COMES FIRST ALWAYS. You do things different and you do it YOUR WAY.

Go back to the reason WHY your started your business, what is important to you. Look at the way you are spending your time, is it what you envisioned? I am not saying don’t work at all, all I am saying is have some structured business hours, some boundaries and make sure you are action orientated and result driven in those hours. I know it works, as I have done it already.

Keep the passion and LOVE your biz life!

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6 Ways to Find More Energy & Time

We all get those low energy spells which you can never explain. It could be you had a bad experience with a client, you are spending your day doing something you are not passionate about, you are procrastinating, associating with the wrong kind of people (the ones that sap you of your energy)…. Whatever it is we all experience it, sometimes once a day once a week or even a month….. it happens. It especially happens to BIZ Mums as we are trying to BE ALL and DO ALL.

I caught up with Helen Packham who is a transformational life and business coach for mum entrepreneurs and who happens to also be an ENERGY COACH!!!

During our Power Session with Helen, she divulges 6 Ways We Can Find More Energy & Time and yip these methods do work!


It’s definitely time to start getting planned, organised, declutter and focus on what is good for you.  Your Energy can be the difference between having a fabulous day or a rotten day. So don’t let anyone or anything deplete you of the good stuff.

Listen to your body, heart, mind and soul. If you are running on reserve make sure you  replenish and rest!

Need a Life & Business Coach that understands the mum work juggle then get in contact with Helen book a catch up : CLICK HERE


Money Mindset

Starting a business and working for yourself is amazing, but it does come with its challenges.

A part from the challenges you may think around product, sales and employees there are other challenges which a lot of people don’t speak about but a lot of mums struggle with daily…. And that is Money Mindset.

Thoughts such as:

  • I don’t want to spend any money on marketing as I am not sure if I can make it up
  • I will sell my product for a small margin first to see if it sells
  • I don’t want to over price my product
  • What happens if no one buys my product or service
  • This business is never going to be as I want it to be
  • I am never going to make 6 figures
  • I cant afford to hire assistance in my business

Any of this sound familiar? This is about having a confident Money Mindset and totally believing in everything you do.

Lisa-Lynn Adams of Limitless Ladies who is a Spiritual Life & Business Coach gives some insight into Money Mindset for Mums in Business.

Join the FREE Money Mindset E-Course: Lets get clear and take action:  CLICK HERE.

The mums that take the time to come on our Power Session and provide free tips and advice are amazing. All doing the work life juggle and taking it in their stride.

I am lucky enough to meet them all and share with you.


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