The BEST Lead Generation Source in Your Online Biz

You may’ve heard the term freebie, or opt-in being thrown around by online marketing professionals and wondered “What is a freebie & why do I need one?”

Well a freebie is something that you give to entice people to join your subscriber list.

It is a sample of your knowledge, your gifts. It forms the bottom of your sales campaign and gives people a taste of what it is like to work with you. It generates leads!

So here are the 4 reasons you need one, now!


  1. You need to get people onto your subscriber list.


If facebook closed down tomorrow, how would you talk to your tribe? You have no control over social media platforms, the only thing that you own and have control over is your subscriber list. By creating an amazing freebie this will get people onto your subscriber list.

  1. Authority

You need to build authority in your niche and by having an eBook / PDF Download / or even Video Series, in an online space, this helps to build credibility. By creating an irresistible freebie you are showing the world your talents, and giving them a taste of what it is like to work with you.

  1. To Grow Your Sales!

Yes, everything comes down to sales! Well without sales you don’t have a business right? You just have an expensive hobby. The freebie is the start of your sales campaign. A sales campaign is usually made up of 5-6 emails in an automated funnel, where you lead people towards a paid offer, and yes a sale! $$

  1. Passive income products

The elusive passive income, that all online businesses want! We all know passive income is not money for no work, it is instead selling something you have worked hard on building on repeat. So how does the freebie fit in? Well it all comes down to your sales campaign. Imagine if you can build a sales campaign that starts with an irresistible freebie that your tribe LOVE! Then leads them through a series of emails to a passive income product – e-course or e-product that you can then put on repeat so that money comes straight into your account everyday without having to work more hours? Yes?! Of course, I know you want this!! This is why you need a FREEBIE!

Ensure you that your FREEBIE or Lead Magnet stands out, got through our FREE Checklist (below) and make sure your Freebie ticks all the boxes.





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