About Motivated Mummy Entrepreneurship

Motivated Mummy Entrepreneurship empowers mums around the world to realise their potential and strength to live their dreams. We aim to inspire, motivate and support mum entrepreneurs. Some mums don’t even realise yet that they are entrepreneurs but they feel that they yearn for something more, be it more flexibility or financial freedom on their own terms. Our mums in business learn, collaborate and grow together in our supportive community.
Having a supportive community that understands the work and family juggle,
you will be able to overcome the challenges on your road to building your business and living your dream.

Who is the Members Hub for?

The member’s hub is for you if you are a mum and…

  • You want to start a business and don't have any ideas
  • Starting a business and don't know where or how to start
  • Have a business you want to re-evaluate
  • Have a business you want to grow
  • You are a SOLOpreneur and want a community of support
  • You need some motivational support to get products or services off the ground
  • Want to surround yourself with Mums who understand the family work juggle
  • You are already rocking out in your biz and would love to share your knowledge with other Mums

What you will find in the Motivated Mummy Members Hub:

  • COMMUNITY: A beautiful community of mumpreneurs who support each other through business and life. We understand the work and family juggle, how beautifully un-balanced life can be. You don’t have to be that SOLOprenuer any longer just come, join the family.
  • MONTHLY MASTERCLASS & Q&A SESSION: Monthly Live Masterclasses are held to teach you the HOW TO’s in business. e.g. How to build a website, How to grow your lead list, How to make more sales, How to use Facebook adverts, Instagram etc. All practical skills you can use to grow your business.
  • WORKBOOKS and TOOL-KITS: These will be part of your masterclass and will be accessible within the online hub.
  • WEEKLY TIPS: Weekly tips will be delivered by video and email and will cover a range of business and life topics.
  • COLLABORATION: We encourage collaboration and will be introducing the COLLAB-A-Board
  • POWER SESSION: Weekly tips will be delivered by video and email and will cover a range of business and life topics
  • MOTIVATED MUMMY E-MAGAZINE: Our free e-magazine where you as a member will have the opportunity to feature in the magazine. Offering you exposure to our large subscriber base!

Who is Claire Mansell?

Having spent over 15 years in business in professional services and corporate environments, I knew change was imminent. And then as fate had it I found out I was pregnant. At the time I was delighted but also a little terrified as I had taken a Director role in my business and I did not want to lose my position I had worked my whole career for, I had a million thoughts going through my head of how I was going to do my role when I had a newborn (I had no family support in Australia).

I had never known a life without working and now what was I going to do??? I remember when I was just over 5 months pregnant, I had a call from the CEO (this was days before Christmas) and I had to let go a few staff members, I was mortified thinking of their families. I was then asked to fly to a board meeting when I was 7 months pregnant for a day, 4:00am start and got home at 10:30pm……….. at the time I was thinking “what am I doing”.

I was exhausted but kept it up until I went on maternity leave. At this stage I was going to come back to work after 3 months maternity leave. My baby girl was born and WOW how my thought process changed. I recall getting calls about work and I could hardly think straight as I did not get a baby who loved sleeping…. And this is where my hesitations around juggling family and work set in. I got that panic feeling of leaving my little one in day-care and she was so little, I did not want anyone other than me looking after her.

Two weeks before going back to work (my daughter was 5 months old) the business went into liquidation……….was this Good? What was I going to do? What about my career? These thoughts went through my head for 2 days when I realised that there was no way I wanted to work in an environment where 50 hours a week was the norm, when I was dropping my daughter off at day-care at 6:30am and picking her up at 6:30pm every day, I still wanted the financial freedom I had in my Director role but I did not want to work someone else’s hours. This all happened while my husband was unreachable climbing a mountain in Tasmania. By the time I got to speak to him I had already decided what I was going to do …… I was going to set up my own consultancy. It was a massive learning curve but within 3 months we were profitable and we hit seven figures within our first financial and I more than cover my corporate director’s salary.
Don’t get me wrong I work very hard but then I also have down time with my family when I need it.

Now, having had all the experience setting up my own business while being a mum, I want to empower as many mums to realise they too can be successful entrepreneurs. I share all my experience Do's and Don'ts with our community to be able to guide mums to success. Lets do this together!