6 Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is proving harder and harder to gain reach and engagement from your followers. The reason for this is that Facebook don’t want any third party tools being used or growing using Facebook as their Medium. An example: you use to easily be able to embed videos in Facebook, now it is  difficult. So thinking that FACEBOOK likes FACEBOOK’s tools is the easiest way to grow engagement and reach. Use the FB Tools. Here are 6 ways you can increase your engagement on your Facebook Business Page.


  1.  Link your Profile Banner Image to your Led Magnet/Freebie:

This means that if anyone clicks on your profile picture they have access to your Group/Freebie or website.



2.  Page Verification:

Facebook want authentic business pages and professional profiles. You will know if you have this when you see a GREY tick on your Business Page or a BLUE tick next to your Professional Profile (under your name).



3.  Target Audience:

In your FB settings you can actually set your targeted audience. This is not only for Facebook advertising but also for your business page. Jump into settings and click “preferred audience”. Enter in your ideal audience details and Viola!



4.  Post a Note:

Instead of your normal posts try do a NOTE Post through Facebook. It looks great.



5.  Schedule :

Schedule your Facebook  posts through the FB Tool.



6. Slide Show

Change your content up and create a slideshow.


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Helen - October 6, 2016 Reply

Fantastic tips Claire! Some great things I didn’t know that I’m going to try. x

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