5 Tips on the Psychology of Social Media

Social Media is so important for the success of your business, but do you think about the psychology?
Strategy, ideal client, customer journey are all so important. The biggest mistake businesses make is trying to talk to everybody so you then end up talking to nobody.

Our POWER SESSION is with Stephanie Weller founder of Media Darling. Stephanie specialises in social media marketing strategy and is passionate about working with businesses holistically and not providing ‘quick social media fixes’. She teaches mindset and the psychology behind the marketing as well as the techy parts!



Stephanie covers her 5 Tips for Social Media:

1.    Think about the “social” in Social Media Marketing

2.    Look at your strategy

3.    Ideal Client

4.    Customer Digital Journey

5.    Try before you buy


All 5 steps are absolutely relevant for all online businesses. Follow it step by step and improve your social media strategy.

Get in contact with Stephanie : www.digitalmediadarling.com


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